The goal: The perfect transmission of sound signals.
Developed and engineered in Switzerland, our highly specialized cables represent the most innovative audio design found today. Using only the purest raw materials, VOVOX® sound conductors ensure a flawless flow of sound information - from the musician’s instrument in the studio or on stage to the loudspeaker at home.


Cables fulfil a wide variety of tasks: supplying power, relaying mechanical forces and transmitting signals across an extremely broad frequency range in digital or analogue, electrical or optical form.

VOVOX® sound conductors are highly specialized cables that set out to do one thing and one thing only: To transmit sound to the different components of an audio chain. The design and the materials are chosen and optimized to provide a signal flow with a minimal loss of sound information. VOVOX® offers innovative solutions for perfect sound transmission: from the musician’s instrument on stage or in the studio, to the loudspeakers at home.

Design Basics


Instructions for use

VOVOX® IC direct
Interconnect without compromise for absolutely direct signal flow. Not shielded. With RCA plugs (bullet plugs).
VOVOX® IC protect
Additional shield guarantees a hum-free signal. Perfectly suited for phono players. With RCA plugs (bullet plugs).
VOVOX® IC balanced
Balanced interconnect. The real professional way to connect audio components. With gold-plated XLR plugs.
VOVOX® LS single wiring
Sound conductor with wide spacing for optimal loudspeaker connection. With gold-plated 4.0 mm banana plugs.
VOVOX® LS bi-wiring
Extra large high-end sound conductor for bi-wiring loudspeakers. With gold-plated 4.0 mm banana plugs.
Solid core power cord. Uncovers unimagined sound qualities of various audio components. Available only in selected countries.


The most important reference when buying a cable should clearly be your own sense of hearing. Nevertheless you will surely be interested in the opinion of our customers and of the press.

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