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The COPLAND CTA405 is the result of careful research and development, combining the best of classical construction with the latest in circuit design.

The current capacity of the CTA405 power supply and output transformers is fully sufficient for a 100 Watts output power. However, with operation conditions set for minimum variation of plate and screen current in the output stage, excellent performance is obtained with very low feedback at 2x 50 Watts per channel.

The output transformers are specially made for this amplifier. Employing a high quality silicon ion core and perfect symmetry of the segmented windings, a frequency response from 5 Hz to 100 kHz is obtained with low distortion and high stability over the entire audible frequency range.

The system remote supplied will also control the Copland CD players.

5995.00 USD

Output power   2 x 50 W
Speaker impedance
  4 & 8 ohms

Line input impedance

50 K ohms

Line sensitivity

280 mV
Frequency response   5Hz-100KHz -3dB
T.H.D.   Better than 0,2 dB
Signal / Noise   Better than 90 dB
Phase Inverting Vacuum tubes   4xKT88. 2x12BH7. 1xE83CC.
Power consumption   250 W
Nominal mains   voltage 115V or 230V factory set for destination country only
Dimensions   430(W) 185(H) 390 (D)
Weight   25 Kg Vacuum tubes

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