The The Antique Sound Lab's factory manufactures its own Transformers (Audio and Mains Power). ASL operates its own metal shop,  powder-coating paint facility, and tube electronics assembly/testing group. The point-to-point wiring and overall build quality of these products is outstanding.

The Resistors, Capacitors, Switches, Tubes, etc. are typical of Audiophile electronics and come from the world over. In all products the audio
path sees only audiophile components.

The Company understands the importance of solid engineering. Some of the designs are 'Classic' (E.g., the AQ1005 Stereo Power Amplifier:  8w 300B Single Ended Triode, hardwired, choke-filtered). Some of the designs break new ground (E.g. the KMP/KI Series of 'Cathode Follower' Tube Power Amplifiers).

Divergent Technologies distributes and Warrantees/Services these Products in North America.

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Powerful 30 class ‘A’ Watts per channel. Newly updated with extruded aluminum chassis and improved parts. Calibrated built in bias meter for convenient tube maintenance. Now, triode/pentode switch, 15 Watts per channel in pure triode mode. Volume remote control and line level out puts for subwoofers. Very good to drive medium efficiency loudspeaker. Warm, detailed and well controlled sound at an unbeatable price.

Now includes new remote control transmitter, tube cage and subwoofer out puts.
Newly updated with higher quality parts and extruded aluminum chassis. Now, choke filtered power supply for a faster and more dynamic sound. 50 Watts per channel, switches to 29 Watts per channel in pure triode mode. Wide range bias adjustment for other octal based output tubes. Built in calibrated bias meter. Line level subwoofer outputs. Seriously refined real audiophile sound.

Now includes new remote control transmitter, tube cage and subwoofer out puts.
Totally redesigned new updated model. 8 Watts per channel 300 B based single ended integrated/power amplifier. Now with tube regulated choke filtered power supply for more musical and coherent sound. Line level subwoofer out puts included. Built in calibrated meter for better tube maintenance. (0) NFB. Musical bargain.

Now includes new remote control transmitter, tube cage.

Two 300B per channel, 18 Watts per channel parallel single ended integrated/power amplifier. Choke filtered and dual channel tube regulated power supply for a powerful and fast sound. Built in calibrated bias meter for convenient maintenance. Power full and dynamic sound excellent for medium efficiency loudspeakers. Direct switch and input connectors for power amplifier operation. (0) NFB. Real sound design at a realistic price.
Totally redesigned on a vertical chassis with upgraded transformers. 22 pure single ended triode Watts per channel. Tube regulated choke filtered power supply. Transformer interstage coupling for a very fluid and power full sound with (0) NFB. Easy bias adjustment by a calibrated built in meter. A superb value for real music lovers.

Now includes carved wooden remote control transmitter, tube cage and vertical chassis.


New! Phono step up transformer 10X gain
LINE TWO DT. Tube line stage with two sets of out puts.
$450.00 details...

Tube phono preamplifier with regulated out-board power supply
$600.00 details...

PASSIVE TX- 1 DT Unique, auto former/switch voltage divider control unit. Non resistive volume level controls. Dual mono operation with 4 sets of inputs and one tape monitor loop. Will drive long cables well.

More refined version of the T-1 with higher grade auto formers. Finer volume adjustment (2dB steps). Extremelyaccurate level controls. Excellent impedence characteristics.
Now! Now, permalloy core autoformer wound with single crystal (or 'Mono Crystal) wiring.


AQ2006 DT Full function, all tube preamplifier with tube phono stage. Tube rectified and regulated power supply. Volume remote control, tape monitor loop, Tube cage is now included in the price.
New! Now includes carved wooden remote control transmitter, tube cage.
TWIN HEAD MKIII DT The ultimate preamplifier with headphone output.
2A3 triodes, OTL/transformer outputs, outboard, all tube dual mono P/S. Remote control,
$3000.00 details...
FLORA EX DT Unique very high-resolution purist design.
Resistor free signal path.
Autoformers/switch controlled voltage divider volume setting.
Triode tube gain stage with constant current power supply.
Very precise transformer coupled output stage.

$4500.00 details...

All class "A'. SET/hybbrid headphone amplifier. Separate power supply
$350.00    details...

MG HEAD DT OTL MKIII MkIII version, now even better! All tube SET design with OTL/transformer coupled out puts. Upgraded circuit and outboard power supply.
$600.00    details...
MG OTL 32 DT OTL headphone amplifier with excelent preamplifier facilities. High voltage output optimized for AKG K1000 HEADPHONES. New! Now includes carved wooden remote control transmitter, tube cage, dual out puts.
$1100.00    details...
TWIN HEAD MKIII DT The ultimate preamplifier with headphone output.
2A3 triodes, OTL/transformer outputs, outboard, all tube dual mono P/S. Remote control,

$3000.00    details...
High definition stereo tube power amplifier with choke filtered power supply.
(0) global negative feed back. 50 WPC. Choke filtered power supply. Wide rangebiasing. Tube cage.
$1800.00 details...
WAVE AV-40 DT 40 Watts mono push pull power amplifier with 6L6 output tubes. External bias adjustment.

Power full SET/Para feed design with 50 Watts of power. New extruded aluminum chassis and all improved parts. Powerful single ended amplifier design with excellent frequency extension. Bias adjustment with calibrated built in meter.
$5000.00 per pair   

Newly redesigned former -Golden Ear Award- winner with several improvements with a bold new look. Pure SET design with excellent transformers and (0) global NFB for a dynamic and very fluid sound.
Excellent to drive even moderately efficient loudspeakers.
Superbly well-controlled, smooth but very detailed sound.
Tubes are mounted on the upper level and mechanical isolation from the massive transformers below.
Unusually good performance at an affordable price.

$5500.00 per pair   

Award winning legendary performance of this very musical powerhouse has been further refined with this new MK II version.

Legendary performance is now even better with improved circuit, select transformers and a tight new chassis.
True balanced inputs are now added as a standard feature. Tubes, mounted on a separate level at the top are isolated from hefty transformers for added clarity.
New bias and protection circuits have been developed for stability, reliability and more precise biasing. Dual level vertical chassis construction is stronger, better vibration controlled and occupies less floor space.
$7000.00 per pair    details...

New vertical heavy metal chassis, very unique triode mono power amplifier with 60 Watts of pure musicality. 2 X 845 out put triodes with harmonically rich and spatially expansive sound. Our best, for our golden eared friends.
$7000.00 per pair   

Large metal tube cages: $95.00 each unit 
Small metal tube cages:
$65.00 each unit
Limited five-year parts and one-year parts and labour warranty on electronics.
90-day replacement warranty on tubes.
No warranties are extended to products that are modified, mishandled or misapplied.
Payment: 10% prompt pay discount to rated accounts when payment received within 20 days.
Shipping is FOB Kitchener and not discountable.

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